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Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Savings Coupons

And so it begins. The official start of the holiday shopping season is Black Friday, which seems to have undergone a transition over recent years. No longer is Black Friday people literally camping out in front of their favorite retailer, waiting for the latest tech gadget or the toy that every kid wants, only to find that their prize is gone by the time they can get inside the store. Common sense and self preservation are winning out. Rather than risk trampling by a crowd of crazed bargain hunters, reasonable people are choosing to let their laptops and smart phones do the walking. They can get a good start on their shopping in the comfort of home, without the risk of a trip to the emergency room, and still have the time to spare.

If handmade jewelry is on your list for gift giving this year, or if you want to reward yourself for outgrowing the high risk habit of Black Friday shopping in person, check out my online shops! You can save by using my holiday coupons in either of my shops, Chrysalis Too on Etsy or Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry.

HOLIDAY10 - for 10% off purchases of $50 or more

HOLIDAY15 - for 15% off purchases of $100 or more

Prices have already been reduced on many items in both shops, so shop early for the best selection. If you missed out on Black Friday, don't worry, coupons will be active until December 20th.

Happy Holidays, everyone !!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Handmade for the Holidays!!!

I know. It begins earlier and earlier every year. Try to think of it this way. If you are invigorated by the thought of gift shopping for loved ones, then you can stretch out the euphoria a little longer. And if you don't get a high from holiday shopping, you can start and finish earlier. Then you can relax and enjoy the season stress free.

Another advantage to starting early with your gift shopping is that you have time to order something customized for someone special in your life. From my own experience, I do more and more customized pieces of jewelry each year. It is manageable from January through October, with enough time for me to design pieces carefully and not ask my clients to wait for too long. Buuuuut . . . . come November, I will still get requests from my clients hoping to squeak in while there is still time. Sometimes I can and that makes us both very happy, especially if it is in early November. Later on, well, that's not a sure thing.

It's still early! So if you are looking for a custom boho or tribal jewelry design for yourself or someone close to you, please send me an email:

I have seasonal promotions going on right now in my Etsy shop, Chrysalis Too, Use coupon code HOLIDAY10 for 10% off on your purchase of $50 or more, and HOLIDAY15 for 15% off on $100 or more. Gift wrapping is included. Even more boho tribal jewelry with the same coupon saving promotion in my web store, Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry.

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Custom Multi-Strand Boho Bracelets

You choose the colors! You choose the number of strands! You choose the metal! What could be better for fall and for holiday gift giving? I have an ample supply of African trade beads, Indonesian tribal seed beads, and premium Czech glass seed beads from which to choose. I have silver plated, antique copper and antique brass metal findings, accents and charms to add just the right finishing touches to your customized bracelet.

I have a huge variety of African trade beads, premium Czech glass seed beads, and Indonesian tribal seed beads from which to choose. You can select silver/pewter, antique copper, or antique brass for the clasp, accent beads, and charms that finish these bracelets so perfectly. The beads are strung onto waxed Irish linen cord and attached to a multi-strand slider clasp. Optional charms and dangles are also available for your design.

Pricing is dependent on the number of strands to your bracelet, and somewhat on the type of beads used in them i.e. Magatama beads are more expensive to use than Indonesian beads. But just to give you a range of pricing, a 4 strand bracelet could be designed for as little as $48 - a 12 strand bracelet could go as high as $139.

After the color, metal and size selections are made, I require about 6-8 business days to complete your customized bracelet. I already have an abundance of materials, but if your special request involves ordering something, you should add an additional 5 days to the completion time.

I hope this post has your mind whirling with ideas of bead and color combos that would complement your look!!! I have endless ideas for this concept, so if you would like to collaborate, just send me an email at Bracelets pictured above are available in two of my online shops. Updates will be posted between now and December 1st regarding already made, and the last day for placing custom orders.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tribal Gemstone Chokers

Peridot Apatite Sterling Silver Choker

Yes, it is possible to design chokers with gemstones and Sterling silver and still maintain a tribal character. There are more to come, but I wanted to share some of my favorites for spring. The choker pictured above has tiny little ball dangles in the front portion, with peridot, apatite and green onyx faceted gemstone beads. I love the combination!!!

Labradorite Nugget Peridot Prehnite Choker

A three strand choker with nuggets of labradorite, faceted prehnite, and peridot with tiny Hill Tribe silver tube beads. The chain is a heavy but small stamped Hill Tribe silver rolo style chain. The brilliant blue stone is apatite, and two other nugget accents are labradorite and citrine.

Five Indian repousse silver charms lend their ethnic personality to this choker in a variety of gemstones in blues and green. Shades of dyed jade beads are mixed with faceted amazonite in a pleasing color block design. In the front of the choker, I use contrasting pink coral beads in between the Indian silver charms. This choker is sold, but I have the materials for a variation if you are interested.

Gloria Ewing

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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Tejana Collection

The Tejana Collection

Tejana is a word used to describe Mexican folk art, clothing and jewelry. It is a style that embraces traditional Mexican dress and religious imagery. If you loved the movie, Frida, you recall that she chose this Tejana style of dress for most of her life, and used religious iconography often in her paintings. This collection of jewelry reflects the festive colors and mood of Mexican folk art in casual, fun and affordable designs.

Mexican Tejana Necklace
Choker length necklace design of graduated orange magnesite, knotted onto waxed Irish linen cord.

Artisan Ceramic Mexican Earrings
Colorful artisan striped ceramic earrings with red, orange and blue magnesite with pewter.

Multi-Strand Mexican Folk Art Bracelet
Red magnesite and red melon Czech glass beads with kambaba jasper, accented with pewter, and featuring a Frida Kahlo charm.

My first collection for 2017, all available now in my web store Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry!!!

Gloria Ewing

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Urban Tribal Revisited

Urban Tribal Multi-Strand Bracelet

As I continue to revisit the most popular of my jewelry pieces by creating new variations, this tribal bracelet is a new spin on one of my most successful designs. In the brand new bracelet variation pictured above, I emphasize the orange and red reflecting the autumn season. Nine strands of gorgeous Picasso finished Czech beads in various sizes and shapes, blending into a pleasing boho tribal bracelet design.

In the original bracelet pictured below, I have emphasized the blue and still maintain a rich blending of colors. This bracelet sold several months ago, and I am still getting numerous requests for custom bracelets based on this design. So I finally relented and if it remains popular, perhaps I will make others in the future.

I have another favorite (sold) bracelet in mind to revisit with an updated variation. Coming soon, I hope!!!


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back By Popular Demand

I willingly admit to being among the introverts of the jewelry designing arena. One of the most difficult things to do if you're an introvert is promote yourself. I have tried to find a way to promote my jewelry without promoting myself but it just can't be done. People are curious about the person behind the designs. They ask me "How does a mature blonde haired woman (obviously of northern European decent) decide to design truly tribal jewelry? The only answer that I have is that I have always loved ethnic art and clothing, and this feels like a very natural extension of my early tribal infatuation. Tribal is the style that best expresses who I am on the inside.

Now add to being an introvert my reluctance to become a full fledged computer nerd. Rarely, am I able to sit down and read detailed instructions and then construct a digital something "by the numbers". It goes against my grain. This character flaw does however result in lots of trial and error, and occasionally in missed opportunities. A very good friend recently pointed out to me that some pieces that I pinned on Pinterest were still being re-pinned frequently. She was asking me if I noticed the numbers, and frankly I had to say "no". So this board on Pinterest, entitled "Sold, But Not Forgotten", is the start of my effort to keep on top of these cyber indicators and put them to good use. Thank you, Norbel, for giving me the heads up on this!

Blue Krobo Bead Bracelet

I have had so many requests to repeat many of these pieces. So, depending on response from customers, I will revisit some of these designs. My plan is to do variations on some of your favorites. You will notice that the above photo is a variation of the bracelet included in the collage. Slight differences, but the same basic components and the same tribal character. I would truly appreciate feedback from anyone with ideas or requests related to this post.

Gloria Ewing

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