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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Urban Tribal Revisited

Urban Tribal Multi-Strand Bracelet

As I continue to revisit the most popular of my jewelry pieces by creating new variations, this tribal bracelet is a new spin on one of my most successful designs. In the brand new bracelet variation pictured above, I emphasize the orange and red reflecting the autumn season. Nine strands of gorgeous Picasso finished Czech beads in various sizes and shapes, blending into a pleasing boho tribal bracelet design.

In the original bracelet pictured below, I have emphasized the blue and still maintain a rich blending of colors. This bracelet sold several months ago, and I am still getting numerous requests for custom bracelets based on this design. So I finally relented and if it remains popular, perhaps I will make others in the future.

I have another favorite (sold) bracelet in mind to revisit with an updated variation. Coming soon, I hope!!!


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