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Friday, May 10, 2013

Flirting with Fibers

An infatuation that began innocently enough with an idea to upcycle old blue jeans into decorative jewelry cords, is now a torrid affair with silk and cotton fibers. Not that I haven't cast a demure glance at fiber jewelry in the past, but I feared it would not withstand a long term relationship. It looked to me as though it would be here today and gone tomorrow. Denim has a reputation for its stamina and stability, so I fell hard! Then, floozy that I am, I started fooling around with multi-colored hand spun cotton yarn, banana silk yarn and sari silk remnants. They add so much texture that they make me tingle with excitement. But beware of their addictive qualities and be cautious about exposing those who lack impulse control, as they too may fall for fibers .