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Friday, March 25, 2016

Beauty in Imperfection

For those who don't follow the trends, who are always seeking to unearth something fascinating, I can relate to you. I look for the unusual. I like to find beads and findings, whether they are new or old that tell me a story. I find that the imperfections and the irregularities tell me much more than any shiny polished bauble could ever tell me. Each little chink or scratch is an experience of the past, or possibly a reflection of its creator, just waiting for the right person to appreciate its history. I feel much the same way about people. If you're not "running with the herd", it is more likely that you prefer to come to your own conclusions about life. That means you have the capability to reason rather than accepting a popular view because it sounds good. You go beyond the surface, and that makes you a much more interesting person to be around.

OK, back to jewelry. I spend countless hours finding old vintage African beads and artisan findings that fit that aesthetic, but it is really more like a treasure hunt. Sometimes it will be something with an appealing quality that I just happened to find first. Sometimes it will be something that everyone else has already seen and passed over because they could not see its potential.

The important thing to me is finding new (and old) beads with personality that will add to my work. Finding new people is equally as important to me. Two of the pieces pictured in this post are from a new friend and talented artisan, Laura Bailey Taskey, whose work with rustic copper speaks to me. She is an independent artist who reflects her life in her work.

It reminds me of a quote from the movie Frida when Lupe is explaining Diego's attractiveness to women: "He finds beauty in all your imperfections, it's irresistible."

Gloria Ewing

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