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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

Seems a good time to reflect on where I've been (as a jewelry designer) and where I hope to go.

In my "evolutionary process", there have been some distinct benchmarks. The first was a stage of stubborn independence. I was certain that I could teach myself to make jewelry without a class, a magazine or a tutorial. How hard could it be? This initial stage was marked with some successes, but also some failures that could easily have been avoided with a bit of outside instruction and a dose of humility.

The between stages leaned more toward my developing style. I still felt that taking too much instruction would limit my approach to design. If an experienced instructor were to show me a technique, I would be likely to accept it as the only way to do something instead of at least trying to create my own techniques. This is certainly not a recommendation! As I said earlier, there are definitely some pitfalls to this way of thinking. The many learning experiences have helped me to develop a recognizable style.

Now I concentrate on broadening my pool of resources. More ethnic beads are available than a few years ago when I started beading. Many talented artisans are selling their handmade components, which I like to use whenever posible because they add so much character and diversity to my pieces. I have begun to make a few of my own metal components that blend well with my more primitive tribal style designs. I hope to grow in that area during the coming year.

What the next stage may bring is anyone's guess. To see more of my tribal contemporary jewelry click here or here.

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