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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embracing the Primitive

I'm still fiddling around with primitive findings, this time with copper. The freedom to use any freeform shape I can dream up is intoxicating! The photo shows some asymmetrical toggles and links; I've also used a number of roughly shaped and hammered drops to add interest to earrings. Two of the toggles have a sort of "keyhole opening" that I found interesting. Some of the textures are achieved using the Big Shot and others have been done by using texturing hammers.

Patina adds another dimension to the copper (or whatever metal you might choose), and I like to use the unexpected results even more than I like to use the predictable ones. I do like the more uniform patina that results from tumbling the treated pieces, but there is a rustic quality when the patina is less even that I also find appealing.

Primitive Orange Ceramic Earrings

Hand Forged Copper Textured Earrings

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