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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Way to Make a Difference

My son and I were having dinner together at a restaurant a couple of years ago, discussing the candidates for an upcoming election and their different ideologies. He said at the time that he was not too concerned about the rising number of people in our country who were totally dependent on the government for their survival. So I paraphrased the old Chinese proverb into a question and asked: "Would you give a man a fish, or would you teach him how to fish?" His answer was "I would do both." He is right, of course, but giving the fish should be a short term solution and teaching him to fish is obviously the better long term solution.

The jewelry I make is a reflection of this belief. I feel one pathway to peace in the world is to encourage those people who are willing to work hard to better themselves and provide for their families. I use handmade and recycled jewelry materials made by independent, productive people in all parts of the world.

Krobo Beads Handmade in Ghana from Recycled Glass

Handmade Brass from Africa

Kazuri Bead, Handmade in Kenya

Made from Brass Blanks, Hand Cut in Mexico

History tells us that a common thread that causes friction and eventually war is poverty, which can be manipulated by people who are greedy for power. The one small thing I can do is try to close the poverty gap a little bit, by using beautiful handmade materials from hard working people who want to succeed.

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  1. I think one of the reasons I've always loved your work, Gloria, is that not only is it beautiful, but there is a mindfulness and meaningfulness to it that adds a great deal to its value, to my mind. <3