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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Metal Therapy

When designing jewelry, my ongoing challenge is finding balance between disciplined technique and crazy unbridled creativity. I really can't have one without the other. Too disciplined is uninteresting, and too crazy is just chaotic. The earrings above lean more toward the disciplined end of the spectrum. I hammered the copper shapes and applied a darkening patina first, then the red patina later, and finished them with wire wrapped connectors. While the earrings below are a little crazier, with two colors of patina (blue and green), that have been wire brushed to reveal some of the brass metal beneath. Then a layer of slate gilder's paste over the patina to give a little added dimension. I have connected the brass charms to donut beads (from Outwest) with antique bronze wire and darkened copper wire.

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  1. I'd say you have succeeded admirably in balancing your designs, Gloria... these are both lovely!

    Hope the Holiday Season is good to you and yours!

  2. Both are gorgeous... I think my sense of order draws me more toward the first pair. They would be a great go-to pair to have in your jewelry wardrobe!

  3. Fabulous earrings. My eyes kept coming back to the first pair with the lovely patina. I like how you described your different ways of going at a design.