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Monday, November 6, 2017

Handmade for the Holidays!!!

I know. It begins earlier and earlier every year. Try to think of it this way. If you are invigorated by the thought of gift shopping for loved ones, then you can stretch out the euphoria a little longer. And if you don't get a high from holiday shopping, you can start and finish earlier. Then you can relax and enjoy the season stress free.

Another advantage to starting early with your gift shopping is that you have time to order something customized for someone special in your life. From my own experience, I do more and more customized pieces of jewelry each year. It is manageable from January through October, with enough time for me to design pieces carefully and not ask my clients to wait for too long. Buuuuut . . . . come November, I will still get requests from my clients hoping to squeak in while there is still time. Sometimes I can and that makes us both very happy, especially if it is in early November. Later on, well, that's not a sure thing.

It's still early! So if you are looking for a custom boho or tribal jewelry design for yourself or someone close to you, please send me an email:

I have seasonal promotions going on right now in my Etsy shop, Chrysalis Too, Use coupon code HOLIDAY10 for 10% off on your purchase of $50 or more, and HOLIDAY15 for 15% off on $100 or more. Gift wrapping is included. Even more boho tribal jewelry with the same coupon saving promotion in my web store, Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry.

Happy Holidays!


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