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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Over the Top Tribal

Green Jasper Carved Bone Necklace

In an ongoing quest to add new and interesting techniques and materials to my jewelry designs, I have been doing more designs substituting cord for beading wire. I like the look of jute, but I use mostly braided nylon cord because it comes in such beautiful saturated colors and because it doesn't fray easily. If I want the natural look of the jute in the piece, sometimes I will use both nylon and jute. Of course, jute is usually going to require larger holes in the beads as well, so if I use the nylon along with jute, I can use either to go through the bead and get the best of both in the finished piece. My plan is to include more and different types of fibers in future pieces.

This technique lends itself well to my tribal style.
Stone and Bone Tribal Pendant Necklace

The colors of the cord contribute to this fringe earring design.
Copper Metal Clay Flower Earrings with Fringe

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